I love attending weddings. It's a day and time so special and to be included in the beginning of a couple's life together is a true honor for me. As fun and precious as weddings are, it's not the wedding that will keep a marriage together. It takes hard work and true commitment to endure all the ups and downs and good and bad.

    As much as you may think you can change the things you don't like about a person after you're married you're greatly mistaken. A person cannot change a person, only God can change one's heart and actions. This principle alone should be enough to keep God at the center of your marriage; not to mention all the millions of other graces and guidance God provides in a marriage.

    I'm beyond thankful that nearly 15 years ago God blessed our marriage. I'm thankful for all His wisdom and guidance along the way and for the changes He has made in my heart and grace He has given us both. Seek God in your life and in your marriage daily and He will bless you as well.

"and the two are united into one.’ Since they are no longer two but one", Mark 10:8 NLT


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