I Updated My Blog!

 I Updated My Blog!!

I LOVE the new Layout!! It's just so pretty!

    I have been working really hard lately to grow my brand... as a matter of fact, I've been working really hard to fully understand what that even means! Ha!! Basically, my brand is all the content I put out that represents me! It has been super fun learning so many new things. As I stated in my bio, I have always enjoyed writing, it's something that, amazingly enough, comes very natural to me, I  cannot deny that it is God that blessed me with the ability. Anyhow, when looking into all that "Branding" entailed, it became fairly clear that working harder on my blog should be higher up on my list. 

    I enjoy YouTube tremendously and it has become a great hobby, but I would love if all of this could become more. I know it seems like a bit of a pipe dream; that an old girl from the sticks who's never done too much with her life, could become successful in such a modern field. But I truly believe the Lord has given these talents to me for a purpose and if I don't at least try, I won't have been too good a steward of the gifts he has given me; now would I?

    I ain't gonna lie, it's going to be HARD! It's already been hard. I wear so many different hats in my life that I am stretched very thin and am just flat out exhausted every day. I burn the candle at both ends most days and it has worn on me, especially of late. I am a wife and mother and those things themselves are full time jobs (major props to SAHMs, I know y'all are working your tails off!) I'm also a youth leader and the treasurer at our church. But on top of that I have a full time job (shout out to all the working Mommas out there; You. Are. Amazing!...) My job comes with heavy responsibilities, like hard stuff that, being fully transparent, makes me cry nearly every day at work. I'm not looking for pity, it's a good job and I love my coworkers, but man, it's hard, it tests every thing within me and with my biggest fear being failure, I leave there nearly every day completely down trodden because I feel that I have failed in so many ways. Ok, Ok.. Enough of that, that took a quick/unintentional turn ... I realize I have the power of the keyboard and could just erase it but it's pretty important to me to be real, and since that just flowed out, I'd better just leave it be... 

    As I was saying, it's gonna be hard to keep up with a blog and my YouTube channel, and try to post to social media outlets, and, and, and.. you get it... In spite of the difficulty; I want to try. I have to! Am I a glutton for punishment? Maybe! But I think it will be worth it. I'm a night owl and don't mind burning the midnight oil, it's getting up in the morning that gets hard, HA! 

    But- I will survive and I do believe I will thrive! For anyone reading this, thank you! Thank you in advance for your support and for subscribing to my brand and for 'Liking' 'Sharing' 'Commenting', all the new fangled words that go along with this business! But mostly, thank you for reading and watching and listening. 

    My tag line is : "From My Heart to Yours" and that doesn't come without reason, as I said above, I want to be real, I want to share what's on my heart so that maybe, just maybe, God can use my ramblings and goings on to touch you in some way, to know that you're not alone, that even when you feel lonely, not only can someone (I) relate, but that hopefully some how you will know that God is with you and that He is for you! He has created each of us for a purpose and part of mine is certainly this. 

    Ok, that's probably quite enough. If anyone has stuck with me this long, may God bless you sweetly! If you've made it to the end, leave me a sparkling heart emoji in the comments! 💖

Thank you for stopping by my blog today! 

Love Always,