The miracle of Christmas is not what it is portrayed as on the Hallmark channel. All those warm, fuzzy, feel good stories are super fun and enjoyable to watch, trust me I know, Riley and I have seen just about all of them! But to Hallmark, the miracle is: meeting a new special someone; families coming together that have been separated for years; lights and trees and gingerbread houses. While all of those things can bring joy at this time of year, they are certainly not a Christmas Miracle! The miracle of Christmas was and is and always will be the sacrifice of God the Father, sending his only Son to this Earth to save us (John 3:16).  That He came from the glory of heaven and humbled himself to walk among us and that he faced all the temptations we do and still never sinned. Jesus’ example, from birth to death, is the miracle. Make the chose to not get caught up in all the world says that Christmas is. Sure, watch the movies and enjoy the traditions and activities of the season, but don’t forget what is most important; time celebrating and thanking God for His true Miracle: Jesus! 


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