For over a year now we have been so looking forward to this trip! We are very excited and have put a lot of thought, planning and effort into making this a relaxing and enjoyable time for the family. If you've been around me any in the past year I'm sure you've heard all about Disney World. It seemed so far away at times and now that it's here it came so fast and I wasn't quite prepared resulting in many last minute projects I had to rush to finish. Thinking about the anticipation and preparation surrounding our vacation, Titus 2:13 came to my mind "looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ" His coming seems so far away yet once He comes many will say it came so fast and will be found unprepared. We should look daily to Christ for our leadership and guidance in planning our daily lives and talk about him daily so that all can know of His coming and can be prepared to go with Him.


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