Ah, Spring! What a welcome season you are! You bring sunshine and blooms, all the animal babies start making their appearances and you inspire cleaning and refreshment of homes as well as hearts. Sometimes getting through the bleak, grey winter months can be challenging but coming into spring, often times, can feel like a nice stretch after a long nap, it gets the blood flowing and invigorates the body and spirit to get moving. David’s prayer to God in Psalm 51:10 was “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.” That should be our prayer as well. When we start to get down or overwhelmed or stale and stagnant in the season of life we are going through, we should ask the Lord to clean out the closets of our hearts and renew our spirit within us. He alone can set us on the right path of life and move past the bleak grey season into the fresh new season that God has created just for us!


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