Sweet Miss Virginia

   As I sit here with a blank page before me, preparing to write my article I have a million words swirling in my brain, trying to formulate thoughts into sentences my mind reels from all the events of this past week. Where do I start, what do I focus on, each event important to our lives, our history and our future. Perhaps I can touch on each in brief. 
   The trasition of power took place and the new administration is already making very impactful decisions effecting thousands immediately and millions inevitably. The hope for little girls grew; strengthening the dream that they can be anything when they grow up. At the very same time a person was put in a place of prominence, only degrading the same progress woman have made by still awarding a position to a man. These are a tiny fraction of what my brain is packed with right now and I don't care to go on because as sad as this commentary is there are far sadder national events that I'll defer to another time. 
    Yet, in the midst of all these major world events, here in our small part of the country, our Sweet Miss Virginia started her journey home. The speed at which she declined only shows that she was running towards her Jesus, she was ready to meet the man that saved her soul 80 years ago, the one she has faithfully served ever since. With all the talk this week of women being impactful, THIS is the woman we should admire, the one I want my daughter to look up to, whom we should strive to be in our lives. As women, we should desire to serve the Lord above all else, dedicating our lives to growing his kingdom, cultivating peace in our community and caring for people and children no matter how they look, act or smell on the outside. I have been blessed beyond measure that I've been able to hear the stories of the years of her service. Beyond hearing them, I'm blessed to be part of that story. I know there are hundreds if not thousands of souls won to the Lord due to the work of Virginia and Marjorie in the Mountain Community. THAT is what I want my legacy to be, to be known as a women of God. 
   The sadness of her loss is nearly overshadowed with the overwhelming joy that she has now already been greeted by her Jesus, has hugged his neck and is worshiping at his feet. 

Virginia Edna Boucher
July 24, 1926 ~ January 22, 2021


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