This week my son will be 10! It's amazing how quickly time can pass, it seems like just yesterday he was born and now he is double digits. Having children is the most amazing gift of pure love and I simply cannot imagine my life without them. Ayden is my only son and beyond not being able to imagine my life without him, I cannot even entertain the thought of having to offer him as a sacrifice to save someone else. I know its selfish but I could not offer up my one and only son. But God.... But God didn't even think twice, he knew what needed to be done to save me and to save you and that was sacrificing his one and only Son Jesus to save us. The pain and agony God must have felt to sacrifice his son was eclipsed by the immeasurable love and compassion he has for us, not wanting us to perish. As we celebrate Jesus' birth this Christmas, let us not forget why he came, to be not just the baby in the manger, but the savior on the cross. 1 John 4:14


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