“The people of Israel mingle with godless foreigners, making themselves as worthless as a half-baked cake!" Hosea 7:8 ... I came across this verse earlier this week and it's kinda stuck in my head and got me thinking... Riley recently made a beautiful cake, it tasted so, so Good! She came up with the idea for the cake, found a recipe she liked and made the cake from start to finish with very little help from me. It was as close to a perfect cake as I can imagine, especially for an 11 year old! Imagine now if she just had the idea and ran with it, not taking the time to research a recipe or design for the decoration, just throwing together ingredients and deciding for herself how long or at what temperature to bake it, it would certainly not have turned out the the same way, it would have been a worthless, half baked cake. Following the directions and seeking advice from those more experienced helps lead to a successful outcome. If we, like the Isrealites, mingle with the godless, do not seek God or heed the advice of those God sends into our lives, we too will become as worthless has a half baked cake. If however we take the time to read Gods word and seek the advice from those more spiritually mature, the outcome of our lives will certainly be a success!


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